Our products are not just for vegans.

They have been expertly crafted for exceptional taste, texture and versatility. You won’t even notice they’re vegan.yellow-daisy

Use them for the simplest or sexiest

They provide an alternative to those with dairy allergies.yellow-daisy

Our nut-based cheeses and yoghurts support cardiovascular health and are loaded with good fats, something regular dairy does not.

Furthermore, they provide good plant-based protein, an alternative for people who wish to move away from the effects of animal fats and protein.

Our fermented krauts are packed with probiotic power.

Just 1 tablsp a day improves the functioning of the entire body.

And our sprouted protein burger patties are OMG!




About the Founder

Raw Wizard was founded in December 2015.

I was inspired to provide plant-based raw healing foods to everyone, to uplift, heal and sustain mother Earth and it’s people.

After meeting raw cuisine in 2009, through Leafy Greens, I knew this was the way to go. I acquired my general chef qualification through Capsicum Culinary Studio in Johannesburg in 2015. I also qualified with my raw chef qualification through Matthew Kenney Culinary in the US in 2015.

I have consequently became vegan due to an increasing dairy allergy and now feel fantastic!

Raw Wizard seeks and creates in the futuristic consciousness stream of plant-based living, of which we are ALL a part in the new dispensation.

May you have peace, love and health with us.

Candice Goldstein



Our Mission Statement

Lets Heal Ourselves
Lets Heal The Earth



Healing Fields

Candice is also a registered Reiki and Crystal healer and psychic consillor.
To book a session log onto


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